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We ensure that your employees accurately appreciate their pension scheme.

You invest in a quality pension plan for your employees. But why is the most costly labour condition the least appreciated? This mostly has to do with unfamiliarity with the subject matter. This is precisely why the value of your financial investment is not accurately assessed. This could be different!


There is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to retirement. And that is largely justified. Because why should it all be so difficult? Why does it have to change every year? Do those insurers never stop sending piles of papers? One amendment has barely been implemented before the next one is waiting for your approval. Sounds familiar?

Of course, we are not able to stop legislative changes (which is the main cause for amendments these days). What we can do is advise you with regard to such a legislative change. What is the (financial) impact on your pension plan and most importantly, what are the alternatives? Do not forget: the employer and employee jointly determine what the plan looks like, not the pension fund! Recent changes suggest the opposite: that the pension fund determines how you should organise your pension plan. This could not be more false. We like to keep things independent. And we like to create clarity by means of good communication, so that you and your staff can regain your overview. Changing a pension plan is not the hardest part of the exercise; keeping your employees on board with all these changes is much more important. After all, you are doing it for them! And what you do is more important now that the government is continuously targeting pensions.

We are convinced that the appreciation of your pension plan starts with understanding. And understanding starts with knowledge. That is what we do; we invest in knowledge. With patience for you and your employees. To create more appreciation for the most expensive employment condition.

Branche Benefits, if you and your employees want to be in control of your retirement.