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Branche Benefits has one mission: to be the best risk and insurance partner for its clients. We intentionally use the word ‘partner’ here. We always work on a professional, personal relationship with our clients. It is in our genes, and thus, in our corporate culture. We greatly value and cherish this. For over almost 15 years.

About us

We are a tad headstrong and very contemporary, because we believe you will benefit from this. We believe in the craftsmanship of our trade, which is a slowly dying quality within the insurance industry. However, we have given this craftsmanship an ultra-modern flavour. We believe in innovation and (continue to) believe in the power of a personal relationship with our clients. We like to give our staff a personal face. Become acquainted with your account team or contact persons below. They are happy to tell you something about themselves. That makes things more personal and means that you know who you are talking to.

Judith van Elk


Miranda van der Zwet

Business insurance

Serana Flokstra

Accountmanager employee benefits

Grietje Gossen


Yvonne Grijpstra

Accountmanager employee benefits

Erna van der Heide

Employee Benefits

Marjolijn Hulzebosch

Business insurance

Gerard Kiekebelt


Karin Sloos


Ewout Strijker


Triese Warsitoatmodjo

Senior consultant business insurance

Olaf de Zeeuw

International Desk Manager / Teammanager business insurance

Peter Jansma

Senior consultant business insurance

Joyce Oostenbrink

Business insurance

Stan Kaandorp


Henriët Groenhagen

Medewerker Pensioenen