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You are unique. And so is your risk profile. There is no standard. We know what we need to know and ask the right questions. We then know exactly what to do with the answers. All this in a comprehensive, innovative, and unique manner. That is our business. You go about yours, and we are happy to help.

Branche Benefits.

Business change, and so does your risk profile

The dynamics within your business automatically leads to changes in your company profile, and therefore, your risk profile. Risk and insurance programmes do not automatically adjust to this new situation. In practice, this results in (serious) gaps and deficiencies, which are only revealed in the event of damages. That is a shame and unnecessary. Branche Benefits has developed a risk and insurance management model which minimises the likelihood of such a situation. It is our common goal to have you be continually aware of your insurance.

We understand your business process

You want to take conscious risks, but you do not want to take unconscious risks within your business...

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Our personal approach to your business

Personally meet your team of specialists for advice, your damages, insurance, risk analyses, and pensions...

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Insurance is a matter of making informed choices

From our point of view, insurance solutions are never the goal, but merely a (possible) means of...

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